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Musanada Housing


Many characteristics of living are reflected in the art of building houses. These characteristics are universal to all human beings. One of those characteristics is “gathering”, interacting with others. Talking listening, and exchanging ideas. Another is “protection”, contrary to the first characteristic, sometimes we need to be away from others, have our own private space. And another is “serving”, being in spaces that are present for the reason of serving other spaces.

These 3 main characteristics are translated into three typologies of spaces, Public, Private, and Services. Spaces of the same type are grouped together, for example public spaces are open to public gardens, and private spaces overlook a private courtyard.


  • Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Client: Musanada
  • Status: Built – 2018
  • Size sqm: 213,200
  • Number of Floors: G+1
  • Type: Residential
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