Our in-house researchers support our design teams. Apart from the standard architectural evaluation we investigate projects from an intellectual point of view.

An emerging research programme presently in the studio is semiotics, which explores how meaning is created and communicated. It investigates how visual and linguistic signs create meaning. Interpreting these signs enables us to understand our society and its architecture.

How real and virtual technologies embedded within design environments can improve energy saving and how we can create smart buildings.

Beyond sustainability, we are interested in how advanced geometry, 3d printing and material research can lead to new architectural forms and spaces. Working together with our international partners, we have developed the UAE’s biggest mosque dome for the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan Mosque. This 80 meter diameter dome is a steel structure poised to radically question the idea of having columns in the space for a mosque’s praying area.

What we do


    Architecture is our passion. Our designs are distinguished by their uniqueness, supported by deep researches, exploring history, tradition, art, philosophy, and of course architecture.


    We offer MEP designs as integral parts of our comprehensive design services, or as a stand-alone service. Our diversified professional team of engineers is capable of handling a wide range of building types and scales.


    Our in house structural design complements our architecture. Sound, economical and “beautiful” structural systems is what we offer.