We draw from a rich history and experience of working together on projects around the Middle East, we value creative problem solving. We value research and innovation as we strive to test limits. We produce iconic and pioneering designs through a continual commitment to social, economic and environmental ideals.

At Bayaty Architects preconceptions and fixed architectural styles or methods are avoided, allowing each project to become a unique opportunity to research, analyse and creatively respond to the brief, site and its context.

The foundation of our work lies in a commitment to the quality of life, the joy in the handling of material space and light and optimism about architecture’s potential to enrich our society.,Each one of us pushes for one step better than our best and the aggregate is always amazing creativity!

Corporate CULTURE

What we do


    Architecture is our passion. Our designs are distinguished by their uniqueness, supported by deep researches, exploring history, tradition, art, philosophy, and of course architecture.


    We offer MEP designs as integral parts of our comprehensive design services, or as a stand-alone service. Our diversified professional team of engineers is capable of handling a wide range of building types and scales.


    Our in house structural design complements our architecture. Sound, economical and “beautiful” structural systems is what we offer.